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01-31-2010, 09:36 PM
Originally Posted by Spooj View Post
Hi, i understand why you want autofire, with beams...lightning fast cooldown.

but it seems cryptic has already thought of that, press escape, keybinds, look for fire all phasers.

Viola, all your beams, in one button. mashmashmash.

(sorry about the new thread, just couldn't be sure people would see my post.)
yes, but pushing a button, or many buttons, or buttons at the same time.. WHATEVER!!!! pushing button over and over, usually very fast until you get tired of pushing THE SAME BUTTON over and over and over.. or not pushing a button..

wait, what was your point? Autofire? pushing a button over and over isn't AUTOfire, is it? Maybe it is HERE. *shrugs*

as much as I hate to say it, yay logitech :/

(edit: i said it before, but will repeat it again for yooo. autofire works the way it works because thats how it works in the game this engine was created for, champion's online. it is VERY VERY VERY unlikely that the developers will ever change this, or at least not for a very very very very long time, for star trek online).