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01-31-2010, 10:55 PM
Now I don't know, because I have been DLing the game for the last 6+ hours, but I think they want a way to deal the DPS.

Like using WoW, a mage or warlock or any of the "glass cannons" have tools at their disposal to make it so they can at least try to deal their damage before getting creamed.

From what I read, and this is could be wrong.
In PVE things are fine for the escorts.
In PVP everyone focus fires the escorts so they can never deal their damage.

Again using WoW, for whatever reason a damage deal that never got off a spell or a hit is a useless class.
Either it is a balance issue, or bad player's issue.

Considering it seems pretty clear cut that Escorts have the DMG, and can't take DMG and don't have the tools to do anything to allow them to deal the damage... seems like a classic MMO balance issue.

edit: I am not saying a defense buff is the solution BTW, just the basic request is, "Implement a way so that in pvp and am not a pretty explosion in the first few moments of combat". A very basic way to help with that would be to make them more explosion proof, but I am sure there are more creative, and fitting ways to achieve balance for this issue.