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# 1 Gold Spammers Begone
01-31-2010, 10:53 PM
Okay Launch day isn't even here officially and many of us are getting Gold Spamming in both Chat as well as a filled Email box. I know I am not the only one on-line & in Game that has already gotten sick of it ( or soon will be one of them) in an effort to get this stopped I am posting the drivvel that i ahve been getting it's reads like this:

Hellon, Cheap_Sto_Energy 100K only 19$ .All kinds of Games' Cheap In-game Currency on
http:// www(dot)ignmax(dot)com

CRYPTIC if you ever read thes threads...Shut them down A.S.A.P. You have just been given one of their addresses so there is no way you can't filter that particular address and save yourself a load of complains & lose of customers

I call on the STO community here to make you voice known --- Tell Cryptic we don't want these guys here!
Post the offending site or sites web address from your emails or the name@account-name from a chat spam in a report or ticket to Cryptic so Cryptic has no excuse { other than they don't read theses threads } to say they where not informed of the offender's site or account and couldn't put a stop to or filter on it :