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01-31-2010, 10:57 PM
I have a HD5850 running at 950-1225. So i would have about the same performance as you do.

I'm running 2560x1600 @ 4x AA Everything maxed out except shadows. I put those on low to get a bi higher FPS.

I noticed that that the following things have big performance hits:
-shadow quality
-Ambient occlusion
-Set AA from 2x to 4x
-Set AA from 4x to 8x

Especially the AA is strange in other games the performance hit from 2x to 4x is almost nothing. In starsystems with a lot of rocks my FPS will also go down to like 17-24 ish. But most of the time it will be around 35-60.

Ambient occlusion is quite heavy its something like shadows only then with the lighting of objects. And with all those rocks in some starsystems you need a lot of computing power. But i also thought the latest patch i used in the beta had a higher FPS. i dont know what they changed. Maybe they add more Image quality features and we only need to disable those.