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02-01-2010, 01:38 AM
Jamming oppenents seems like a good idea. It'd give your fighter wings a chance to close in and do damage. Shield Transfer is a good support skill, as is Science Team. Ideally, you'd want on Officer with Jam Sensors and Shield Transfer, while the other has Scramble Sensors and Science Team. After that, you may want Hull Polariziation and Viral Matrix.

For Tactical, Beta, Delta, and target subsystem maybe?

Engineering Team III, Extend Shields (stacks with Transfer/Science team I think with no Global), and Auxillary to Structural Integrity.

It kind of depends upon if the Carrier has alot of HP though. If it has alot of HP and Crew, it may be better to hull tank, since you really won't be able to manuever the ship to present new shield facings. Naturally, you should work to keep your shields up, but since you're going for support, you won't have very many skills to buff up your shields. Rely on natural regeneration and transfers to mitigate damage to your hull, while also pumping up Aux to compliment Structural Integrity and your support skills.