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02-01-2010, 02:47 AM
Originally Posted by Rikaelus View Post
That's turning into an odd dynamic.
On the surface it sounds like a good idea to scale things down so a person can do it alone.... but at the same time that takes away from the multiplayer feel. I wonder if people don't occasionally have to be forced to group together in order to maintain the MMO feel.
Well there are the fleet actions and deep space encounters, where you're forced to play with others...

I did a fleet action today where I just decided to start inviting the people around me and we were pretty damn effective and it was a lot of fun and a good challenge. Myself and the guy I first invited to the group were top 2 for damage that round.

I personally raced through the first 10 levels because I'd already done them twice now (once in closed beta and once in open) so I just wanted to get done with them. Now I think I'll start grouping up a bit more because it is definitely more fun.