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02-01-2010, 02:18 AM
Originally Posted by xlcr View Post
I could be incredibly wrong here, but I get the distinct impression that the exploration missions were included because so many fans, from very early on, wanted it. I've been lurking these forums since they opened, and that has always been a big request from the fan base.

However, I think the problem is that either the fans didn't specify their desire well enough, or Cryptic didn't fully understand the request.

The fans said: "We want to explore."

And that's exactly what they got.

However, exploration isn't a correct description of what the fans wanted. They wanted adventures that result from exploration.

I've said this before, but the primary misconception that resulted in exploration missions is that people think that Star Trek is about exploration. It's not. Starfleet is about exploration. There's a subtle, but important distinction between the two. Starfleet is about exploring strange new worlds, etc, etc.

Star Trek, on the other hand, is about adventures in outer space. I'm sure there are billions of routine exploration missions that happen in Starfleet, but we don't watch those on Star Trek, because it is boring. On Star Trek, we see the exploration missions in which things go wrong. We see the adventures. We watch the Enterprise get overtaken by androids, or we watch Picard get stolen by a probe and then have to live his entire life as an alien (great episode by the way). We don't, however, see the 500 anomalies that the Enterprise investigated between those episodes. We don't see the thousand plant samples they take for the scientists to study the molecular structure.

Again Starfleet=Exploration. Star Trek = Adventure. There is a difference, and I think that difference is what's causing many players to feel like something's missing.

Don't get me wrong. This isn't a dig on Cryptic. I love the game, and I actually enjoy the exploration missions. I feel like they brought what people asked for. However, I think the spirit of the request may have been overlooked. Whether it was overlooked by fans or by cryptic or both, I don't know.

I have faith that, over time and updates, we'll see more exploration that results in grand adventures. Until then, I consider the exploration missions just a little added flavor to the game. I personally enjoy them, but I understand why others don't.
Got to agree with you an I, too, enjoy the game, however. What's missing is the adventure. Example: The Episode 'Shoreleave' from TOS. A simple planetary survey prior to some R and R for the crew...Game equivelant of scan 5 plant samples...Turns deadly when whatever the crew imagines pops up. The planet turns out to be a huge 'amusment park' for an advanced alien species. "the Apple" from TOS (Been re watching the remastered versions of these of late.) another survey/contact mission turns deadly when the governing computer takes a 'mild dislike' to the enterprise's intrusion.

The missions need just a tad more depth. "Escort the vulcan ambassadore" was good. Enjoyed it very much. Just haven't found many equivalently deep missions like it as yet.

On a related note...Any plans for Risa or Vulcan or Argelius? Ports of call from the various series' but sorta lifeless in the game.