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02-01-2010, 02:52 AM
Originally Posted by Loka
with occasionally multiplayer battlegrounds. I like the game and the mechanic, but i miss the feeling to have to group for at least a few missions or dungeons/instances, In OB and now during the headstart, i am in a fleet for the feeling, but i get nothing out of it. I am playing a solo game, were i occassionally join a PvP multiplayer environment, which i leave after few minutes.

I miss the looking for group or doing some hard missions together with other people in that MMO. It is nice, that i can play solo, but there should always be a benefit to group with others, right now, i cannot see any. Also there is no need for it.

Do not get me wrong, iam having a good time and i like to play. I would just like to have some need for a group or a benefit at least.
it is a single player game. Klingons were an after thought.