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02-01-2010, 03:02 AM
Do not get me wrong, i like the game. I played EVE for 2 Years, from start of the game, i played SWG, Neocron, ***, ****, Wow for 4 Years and so on. I am not saying, there is a complete world loaded at same time, but at least the Zone you are in, are always the same for each one.

You mentioned EVE online, i played it too. Yes it is instanced, but when you enter System XYZ, everyone entering this System will be with you. We share the same world. When you play the starter intro you will see, that there is no instance. Everyone playes next to you in the same world.

This happens in space and on ground. But this changes, once you finished your mission, why??? It is good having a system, which adapt on the strength on itīs enemys. But this also means, that it is much more easy for me solo to do a misison, than it is as a group. Also itīs eleminiates group content, which should not adapt.

If i continue this idear we will have something like this. Solo a mission as admiral, get purple epic items. You can do it solo, right? Even when iam doing a fleet action, i can only form 5 player groups, why? Why should i group at all?

Again i like the game, but iam missing the MMO part on this. It feels and playes like a single player game, with some NPCīs around. Why forming a fleet, if you can not even get everyone in one group. Why forming a fleet, if there is not content for one?
  • Can i PvP as fleet
  • Can i do a mission as fleet
  • can do a fleetaction as fleet

I would like to see the vision behind Star Trek Online. Were will it be in 3-6 months? Right now, iam enjoying the new toy, with the new environment. I am enjoying the fact, that i can play with the toys, i loved to see at TV when i was a boy.

But to be hones, as single player game ST:O is not that fantastic. There are much more interesting solo games around, with a interesting story, like Mass Effect 2, Knight of the Old Republic 1+2.

Iam playing ST:O because,
  • The flair of the theme (will soon be gone)
  • Interesting leveling (well the story, sometimes gets interesting, like the time traveling episode was great)
  • it is a MMO and i can socialize with other people (can i?)
  • endgame content, where i can mess around with my toys and my perfect skilled character and killing big dragons, ehhh iam meaing large star ships or deathstars or BORG or whatever

I am a bit afraid, the game is not ready to lunch, story wise. And if people get bored and start to leave, they will never come back.

I donīt know, how i could express myself more clear, it something about how a games feels. I am just waiting for the time, when leveling is not interesting enough, to keep me in this game, because i want to play in this galaxy.