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i got all excited, thinking copies be in store next couple of days, even been to eb games or harvey normans, and neither on them know much about STO, its like it barely exists, then i look on the eb website and it states release date for australia is 11/2/2010. i know you can get online copies, but how does that compare to the nice new shiny manuals n cd cover you pick up from your games store.
if thats the cause that i have to download the game to play, why do i have to pay for the right of the program, as it is a pay per month game, other online game that you download have no cost for software.

so now i have to wait till 11th, how is that fair on australians, it like who gives a frig for the land down under.
sure i could download it, but where subject to bandwidth curfews, mines 12g, per month, so if i download it, probly cant play it as i have now idea how large it is, bit more information would be more viable.\

maybe a chat with atari is in order, as atari doesnt seem to have a decent name, an i wont use steam to download STO becuase of the crap i had to deal with when i purchased dawn of war 2, and had to wait for steam to approve that i had my original dvd store purchased copy, then had to wait for it to process the drm crap.