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02-01-2010, 03:47 AM
You make a point, but while doing the exploration of a sector. The mission where you have to explore three systems, I was fairly happy with the outcome.

On one it was just scan some rocks, and some references to an episode.

But on other ones while exploring, there was a surprise attack by some other race looking for same thing.

Of coarse the Hud made it not much of a surprise, but there strength and charging factor where surprising. You get used to the easy ground stuff, then when it gets hard it is a bit surprising.

There are lots of elements to interactive story telling, immersion is a big one. When you watch a series for the first time the characters don't mean much to you, they are unknown characters, but after a couple seasons, you develop a feeling of empathy for people in the story, and care what happens to them.

A good MMO can translate that into missions with good story telling. Some of the little things like healing wounded citizens, when it was not in the task menu, was a nice add to another mission. Its the little details that give it an immersion factor.

Also surprises and unexpected things happening are always good, the Hud makes that hard, since it tells you what is going on.

I like the game.

The people saying it is bugged, I don't think have played it, sure it has room to grow, that is a good thing, it is easy to imagine where it can expand. But I have only seen one bug, in hours of play. A few things still need to be polished up or complete I would guess, but the code base seems pretty stable.

I expect the game will expand like other MMOs do, where more story line characters or recurring themes are added. And the depth of variety and surprise increases.

On a final note, some of the people that complain may do it for other reasons, there are people that make up things and are not honest, most of them were the bad guys in Star Trek, and saying the game is buggy I think is disingenuous.

The server issue is the only thing that hurts the launch, if they get that fixed, they should be in good shape.