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08-05-2014, 04:51 PM
Jeez, that'll teach me for taking a day off from the forums... Sorry I didn't get a chance to reply here before the thread got completely out of control.

Another change is already in the works for Motivation, and is likely to appear in the next patch.

- Increased duration slightly (up to 12 from 10)
- Reduced cooldown (down to 35 from 45)
- Allows the healing cap to benefit from Squad Command skill

As for why these changes are taking place to begin with... well, that comes down to Design Intent vs. Unintended/Unforeseen Use.

This kit module ability was always intended to focus on Team Healing. Since we originally decided to go with Heal-On-Crit, the module by necessity had to come with a rather meaty +Crit bonus, in order to allow all players to have a reasonable chance of benefiting from the Heal-On-Crit functionality.

Little did we realize - yes, an embarassing oversight - that creating a large +Crit bonus would completely overshadow the intentions behind the ability.

This necessitated changing the power's core functionality, so as to allow the original intent to shine through. Hence changing out +Crit for +Dmg, and changing Heal-on-Crit to Heal-On-Hit.
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