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02-01-2010, 05:14 AM
Originally Posted by Jeronas
No you are so wrong in that.

SOE used their existing engine for EQ2 (one they already developed for SWG) and still spend over 4 years on EQ2.

NCSoft licensed the CryEngine 1 for development of **** and they still spend over 4 years on that game.

Funcom used their own optimised inhouse engine (Dreamworld Engine, which they used on their previous games) for Age of Conan. They still spend over 4 years on that game.

Do you want more examples?
And look what good it did Conan. Just taking some extra time for a game doesn't necessarily mean it will succeed. I have played many MMO's and this IS a fairly full and complete game. The beautiful thing about Cryptic is that they release content packs more often than say Blizzard does with WoW. Even if there isn't that much content now, by the time the average player reaches endgame, the first set of new content will be out.

As someone else just said in another thread, it's like building a house. Cryptic has a firm foundation to build on. Sure the game may not be 100% done yet, but with a bit of time and the support of loyal fans, this game will evolve into something truly amazing.