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02-01-2010, 04:26 AM
Originally Posted by shikamaru317 View Post
And look what good it did Conan. Just taking some extra time for a game doesn't necessarily mean it will succeed. I have played many MMO's and this IS a fairly full and complete game. The beautiful thing about Cryptic is that they release content packs more often than say Blizzard does with WoW. Even if there isn't that much content now, by the time the average player reaches endgame, the first set of new content will be out.

As someone else just said in another thread, it's like building a house. Cryptic has a firm foundation to build on. Sure the game may not be 100% done yet, but with a bit of time and the support of loyal fans, this game will evolve into something truly amazing.
Ehmm what? Tell that to the CO players who were eagerly waiting for their first content pack to address some of the glaring content gaps in the game. And they will have to pay for it!

So yeah... I am pretty sure Cryptic will provide you with plenty of new content through the CO store.

And oh... Age of Conan was and still is a great game. It just suffered from Bad Management.

The reason most people quit within the first month or two, was purely because their system couldn't run the game, because of the steep requirements (exact same problem EQ2 had at launch).

The fact is, that STO is not a FINISHED MMORPG.

- There is no exploration
- There is no non-combat activities or systems in place
- There is no crafting
- Klingon Faction is unfinished. Just 2 repeatable PVP missions people have to do ad infinitum to level up. Most customizations options aren't even implemented yet. And so on.

But it's beating a dead horse already. You don't want to see the truth anyway. Fine with that. But even your eyes will open up sooner then later. When you progress further through the game.