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02-01-2010, 04:28 AM
Originally Posted by thereij View Post
Agreed, they are. But even then, somehow, they are usually tied into the greater story. Right now, in my log, I have two exploration missions, three patrol missions, two defend XXXXX sector block missions, Starbase 24, the PVP intro quest and "The Kufah'Magh'.

I'm assuming "The Kuvah'Magh' is the "story" quest line that will eventually lead to endgame. All the others are filler and fluff. This is everything I can get at the moment. I've already completed one of the exploration missions and one of the defend missions, along with the defense of Starbase 24.

SUGGESTION: Once a quest is completed for the first time, make the quest accessible from a "Duty" Database, where people can go to request "Duty Assignments" if they feel the need to farm XP, Badges or items.

The question not being answered by the storyline is WHY? I want to be immersed in this story. Why have the Klingons suddenly broken away from Starfleet? Yes, there is a brief explanation in the opening cinematic, but why not drive deeper into the heart of it? Why have the Orion and Gorn joined in with the Klingons? Why is it important that I complete these missions against them? Why are certain sectors under attack from the Klingon Empire? For what reason are these systems desired? Why is it necessary for me to spend my time patrolling them?

Now, the exploration missions: What is the point? Right now, it seems the exploration missions are there to farm gear. Each successful exploration tour awards badges, which can be used to purchase gear that is far better than what most can get at the earlier stages. Beyond this, what is the point?

At the beginning of this game, the storyline is almost non-existent. People will tire of the Patrol and Exploration missions. They will ask for a story. Right now, the game does not deliver in that department.
I do find it rather amusing that the mission you mention being in your log actually sorta deals with your suggestion/quesiton Of course, part of that is from already knowing the how and why.