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02-01-2010, 04:46 AM
Originally Posted by Bloodlance View Post
you cant use 2 x LT Cmd skills in T1 or T2 ships as you only have one LT Cmd slot in T2 ship (bop universal, others locked to specific class)

the bigger the rank the more dmg it does (or more healing etc)
I must be missing something then, lets take a look at t2 raptor:

it have 2 TAC BO slots, one rank1 and 1rank 2

lets say you use cannons and torps

you train your let(rank2 TAC) to have : high yield I and rapid fire 1

what is the point of rank1 TAC BO slot then? ( i assume High yield 1 and 2 share CD?

oh and thx for the help kinde confusing