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02-01-2010, 04:47 AM
Originally Posted by ahollida View Post
Currently this problem is most felt within Defend Space and Fleet missions. There's scant loot as it is (even for common loot) and currently no motivation to group within them if your DPS heavy. I'm running both a Escort and a Science Ship right now, and I switch to the escort, get a bunch of loot in the instance, then go throw it over to my science ship through a friend. When I run the science ship through the same content, I seldom get a drop because I can't out DPS a proper escort.
While that can happen for the prizes, it shouldn't happen for the regular loot drops if you bother to pick your target. Just find one that isn't being touched and go to town. Ideally, a weaker target, like a Raptor over a Warship or Battle Cruiser.