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02-01-2010, 04:52 AM
Originally Posted by DeLacey
Ya know, I hate to be the antagonist in a flame war (well ok I guess not really) but I've got to say that if more [edit] actually used Open Beta for it's intended purpose and actually tested the game as well as reported bugs rather than power level or use the Beta as they're own personal "I wanna play the game" time..we might not have so many damn bugs now.

Me? I read every line slowly and took in the story, I tested and tried things in the game to see if they worked or didn't work. I reported umpteen dozen bugs and faithfully did so. I get the feeling many didn't.


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Open beta was used for its intended purpose. Stressing the servers and a free demo of the game.

The bugs with the missions etc should have been ironed out in closed beta and internally.