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02-01-2010, 06:08 AM
Personally, like someone said earlier, repeatable missions should be marked as such (in a star trek way) e.g. "Regular Duty Assignements" and accessible from particular sources. for example, in the episodes list, the "Patrol the..." missions should have the prefix "RDA :" to the name short for (Regular Duty Assignment)

The more in depth storyline missions, should also be marked accordingly e.g. "Story: "


Btw OP: As for the question about why the factions are doing what they are doing, the storyline actually tells you as you progress (I won't give away details, suffice it to say that they began attacking the federation for a specific reason).

"What's the point" is a very difficult question to answer with regards to an MMO, as I'm sure you are aware. It's difficult to answer because words don't fully do the genre justice. To fully understand "why" people pay and play MMO's, one has to experience it. I say this because a few years ago a friend of mine asked the same question, and I answered it to the best of my abilities. However, it wasn't until he tried the MMO for a few weeks that he fully understood why.