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02-01-2010, 05:11 AM
Originally Posted by Swiftels
SWTOR will fail massively aswell.
I agree totaly with you because these devs that are currently making games do nothing but copy off each other. SWTOR is nothing but a single player mmo. Its evident from all the releases they have put out that it will be another game like immersion, no depth, no community, rediculous crafting system, and worse of all it will be a grind to get up the ladder then raid and dungeons for the end game. The only game in the future that I am looking forward to is "Infinity Quest for Earth" which is a completely refreshing look at mmo's. In it you can be anything you want to be. There is no limits on your character, no classes, no paths blocked to you. Just like in real life you can attempt anything and build your personality and ship to fit what you want to be. It has no instances and you can fly from ground, to air, to space and back down using real life physics. That game will bust all other games wide open because it will be the first of its kind. The only thing close is the pre cu, pre nge SWG.