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02-01-2010, 06:15 AM
Originally Posted by Longasc
The guy who goes in and tanks stuff gets no thanks, he gets no loot - unless an escort player is merciful and groups with him.
Well, I got loot plenty. And I preferred to solo. Grouping with escorts meant I got less loot.

Tanking is okay, just don't try and tank too much. Don't want defensive needs hurting offense.

And, most importantly, for large groups, don't take the alpha. Science ships and escorts are both better at it than cruisers, let them do it. Science ships have the big shields and better turn rate. Escorts are speedy and can turn, so can take the alpha from only part of the group easily. For a cruiser, the cost of taking an alpha is too high, thanks to the craptastic turn rate. So don't do it.

THE ONLY WAY TO GET LOOT IN A CRUISER - this is how I did it in Beta:
Fly alone into enemy groups. Nobody should be around. Tank them and shoot them all down by your own.
Or you could do it my way. Don't take alpha if it can be avoided. Pick a target others aren't on. And go with broadside beams. Cruisers don't turn well enough for torps in group play.

Yeah, the system is seriously flawed and factors only DPS in. No idea how to fix that, it makes all classes except Escorts a bit superfluous, especially as there are no penalties for dying besides being out of combat for a while.
Being out of combat though means no damage, no loot. Not dying definitely helps you get more loot.

And, overall, all it takes is being smart about picking your target. Because most people will be blasting whatever is closest. Just find what others aren't on and hammer that target. As long as there's enough targets, it isn't hard to get loot drops.