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02-01-2010, 06:33 AM
I think you underestimate the extreme tribbleness!
I heard roomers that a vulcan leutenant in the Eridani sector was incarserated in sick bay.
He had a tribble for some time, and went into some crazy panvar thingy because of it.
But this wasnīt the thingy you can get rid of, with a hypo, meditation and a holdeck visit.
Oh no sir! He went on a cuddle amok run!
Since then, by Starfleet order 7523 slash c, corner 11, point 8, vulcan personel with a tribble, are to be apprehended emediatly and mindmelted by a fellow vulcan. For security reason, and to contain the cuddle frenzies all over the quadrant.
Well thatīs what i heard however.
So your goin to the Tribble deck later on?