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02-01-2010, 05:38 AM
I have played through the open beta and in fact i got through more on day one of it than I have thus far into the headstart the game was more challenging when i played through it the first time.

As it stands going through the missions is so dull I am finding it rather hard to actually play the game, there hasn't been a single occasion thus far where i have even lost a shield to an enemy.

I have seen the more difficult enemies etc as well but to be honest if the only challenge is going to be later on then why bother with the first rank at all since you literally dont have to do anything, aside from stand the boredom of sitting in front of the screen.

As I have said i think any mission where you can literally sit dead still in a starter ship with starter equipment and then let autofire do the mission for you, probably needs to be rebalanced slightly i would say. I've never known a game where doing this wouldnt end up with you dead.

That said it doesnt work on every mission / group of enemies at this level as I have tested further but it really shouldnt work on any.

I also agree a slider of some sort would probably clear this up for everyone.