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# 1 Torpedos - Photon or quantum?
02-01-2010, 05:43 AM
Ok, so since OB I've been torn for what to do for on my escort ships, Photon torpedos or quantum. Photon torpedos fire more often than quantums but quantums do more damage per torpedo. I tried out both in beta, and both set's of plusses were handy in some situations. On weaker hulled ships it would take 2 hits with photons to destroy them where a quantum would have done it in one, yet on the tougher ship I'd be left wishing I could fire more often when I had the quants equiped. Can't have it both ways (ok, I can, but would have to use 2 slots to do so and would loose my beams or cannons (Definatly a no no))so what do you good more experienced players recomend? Photon or Quants?