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02-01-2010, 07:01 AM
Originally Posted by Fatality1963 View Post
What I don't like about ground missions.

1) Can't move and shoot
2) Can't strafe
3) Don't like pressing number keys to shoot. I would prefer to use my mouse buttons to shoot.

Ground combat would be much more fun, at least for me, if the ground combat was more like a first person shooter or even third person shooter. Mass Effect 2 comes to mind since it has decent ground combat. I personally prefer freedom of running and gunning like first person shooters and if well done I like playing third person shooters. Maybe other people enjoy the ground combat in this game. I can only speak for myself. So for me, I don't find the ground combat very enjoyable in Star Trek Online. It's only passable.
Okay for 1 and 2: A) Yes, you can B)No, you shouldn't be able to.

I'm sorry but I have to go on a tangent for a moment.

Why do video game players insist what is physically impossible. You cannot hit a target that is running while you are running and firing without stopping to aim. You can't run sideways, and not I'm sorry, but you can't "lean" and shoot around a corner. Also this isn't Mass Effect, quit comparing the two games. You cannot compare a single player game to a MMO. /end tangent

and for 3: Change your key bindings?