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02-01-2010, 06:04 AM
Originally Posted by Twinbladez View Post
Sol the summary as far as I can read is: Use science officers to boost friendly shields and just tank the big ones as best as you can
Essentially. It's not just Science officers for the buffs, though.

Science officers get Science Team, which is a very good Shield Buff. They also get Transfer Shield Strength, but that requires aux power levels - as a Cruiser, you likely don't have that.

However, Engineering officers get Extend Shields, which works similarly, and is boosted by your shield skills. Which should be high because you'll want them for your own shields too. Engineering also has Engineering Team, which is good as a hull heal.

And so on. The healing buffs are actually split between Science and Engineering.

The good thing is a lot of the ally heals also work on yourself - like Science Team and Engineering Team.