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# 40 Different Difficulty LeveLs?
02-01-2010, 07:10 AM
Originally Posted by Delazure View Post
The devs made clear that the current difficulty level is what they want, fine. Now, they must realize that once a newbie goes Admiral and start an alt, he has a lot of advantages :

- better gear
- better knowledge of the ropes
- better understanding of the skills, the combinations of powers
- better handling of the UI

So the "easy" will become "boring". There is only one way to prevent that : different difficulty settings. They did it in COX and in Champions Online, they can do it in STO.

Cryptic, you want the admirals to be bored and leave ? Don't do it !
Cryptic, you want your experimented players still find the game challenging ? Do it.

Pretty simple.
Agreed. Soon, I will number myself among the above mentioned admirals. After I play all three character classes , I will need some kind of challenge to keep me awake. Coffee and Red Bulls can only do so much. Mental stimulation is the key to my addiction.
On that note I thought the difficulty at the end of closed beta was quite good. (ST 2.02 or whatever it was).

AND PLEASE NO NERFS!!! Just turn the heat up a bit, nerfs are always my number one reason for becoming discontent with a game.