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02-01-2010, 06:18 AM
One thing to keep in mind about TOS (touched on in some of the books/articles I've read on it) and to some extent the later shows, is that special effects cost a lot of money. There weren't wall-to-wall space ship battles on the shows in part cause of the cost of the effects. Likewise, endless ground combat phaser bottles put a serious dent in the effects budget.

It's not a constraint in STO. Doing a non-combat mission doesn't save them any money.

While I'd like more interesting non-combat stuff, I don't think ones where we run around a barren landscape clicking "glowies" or we solve a murder mystery (re: Accidents Happen) that just involves being "led by the nose" down a linear path to the same culprit every time fit the bill. I'm not suggesting they hurl a Rubik's Cube at us, but some sense of discovery or "player participation/deduction" would be a lot more interesting imho.

To me an interesting non-combat mish will get you involved in reading the text, clues, solving something that doesn't always have the same solution etc. Maybe build suspense or genuine mystery. If it's just something that has us frantically clicking because we "just want it to be over with so we can go back to pew-pew-pew," then it's not working.