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# 1 C-Shop / Game wishes
02-01-2010, 06:22 AM
What I would like to see in the C-Store

1) Working models of older ships... usable, though not balance breakers etc

- the Cochrane Warp Ship - Only has an engineering device slot, and an engine slot
- Enterprise NX-01 - Only has an engine slot, engineering, tactical, science, and one weapon slot

2) Extra rooms for the ship, a ready room for example that has all awards and stuff collected from missions

3) Holosuite novels, like mini adventures that are for fun, relive moments in distant history for such as NX01 launch, cochranes warp flight, wolf 359 borg battle

Other things in general that I would like to see

1) Holodeck starship battle simulations where you can chose parameters to try out new situations which you can specifiy

I am sure I could think of more, but I was just filling a few moments during my lunch break