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02-01-2010, 07:25 AM
Picard is intelligent, well spoken, presentable and in fine physical condition. I imagine that those are important traits. Also I imagine him to be punctual and reliable as well. And he also shows that he has a tender side as well. See Inner Light etc. I imagine his classical education (quoting Shakespeare especially) may attract the more mature audience. Long summer evenings, picnics in the orchard, very Pride and Prejudice. He's also a very powerful person, despite his stature. He is phyiscally imposing and very forceful vocally. Great projection. He'd be my pick for certain. Hope my wife doesnt see this, she'll get completely the wrong idea.

Edit: The more I think about it, the more I think that he is the person (character) I would most like to be compared to/ be like;

Conviction to live by a moral code. An aversion to violence but a willingness to kill in defense of one's family. A constant desire for betterment, the realisation that no matter how much you know there is always more to learn. A fondness for the past and an understanding that it affects our present and future. A love of music. A skilled diplomat, able to resolve situations through reasoned argument.

I'd say that these are some of the things that I identify with most strongly. And I think these are some of the things that most attracted my wife to me, as we fell in love without having met.

It's just a shame I'm fat and ugly really.