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02-01-2010, 06:29 AM
Originally Posted by Rabidfish View Post
I would say Quantums. As an Escort, you need to maneuvre a lot. You spent your DPS cycle nose on, yes, so high DPS photons would seem preferable, but I'm not sure you should really be spending more than 6 seconds at a timeCharging headfirst at an enemy, except during the opening stages of combat. In the rest of the time you should be weaving around trying to line up your next shots, punch through the shields, fire off a high-yeild Quantum then move away and re-ballance your shields.

That's the way I would play it but really I think most of the decisions in this game come down to personal play style and preference. I like the way the photons look, reminds me of the early movies

You see my Escort tactic sort of differs from yours.

I just stop all engines at 10KM and fire everything I got ,at maximum weapon setting, over and over at my target which is flying directly towards me, their front shield pops right away and they get owned. VS heavier enemies like battlecruisers, I just spam redistribute to forward shield button and brace for impact when i see their torpedos comming.

No ship last longer than 30 seconds, guaranteed. If they get close, use one of the special speed engines that give you 25% turn speed on thrusters only and just spin.

PHotons would probably be best for this but as the guy before me said, quantum just look cooler so I'm using those lol...