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02-01-2010, 07:50 AM
Originally Posted by sabrem View Post
cloak hasn't changed since OB when the feds were winning every fight, it was the exact opposite it is now. And there are plenty of ways to knock out cloak. So why is it suddenly OP now?

Evasive maneuvers and energy to engines as well as engine batteries can be used by either side. So couldn't you do the same then hit MES?

I also know from experience that if the feds all focus fire on me I don't survive very long, not long enough to get away that's for sure. And using battle cloak is a gamble as I'll take a few hits with no shields as it engages.

Really the ONLY thing that has changed on klingon side from when feds were kicking ass is the new starting equipment which isn't that good. And if you don't have better equipment I have no freaking clue what your doing, because on the throw away fed i made to unlock klingon I have better gear then that. So on the one I am going to play after I get my retail key I'm sure will have much better shields and weapons etc by the time I hit lvl 6
you have blue weapons and blue shields as fed @ lvl 6 if you do the normal missions and do some SB24 and crystal entity.

But the funny part is, the blues you get 5-10 as fed are as good as the items you can buy from T2 vendors, so .... you get gear from T1 content that can be used in T2 end. and when you do T2 content, you get T3 gear ... etc etc so basicly Feds have from T2> +1tier the better gear we do.