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Hi there,

short and sweet, my suggestion for handling the queue is to do it the same way as you-know-what-game handles it, because it is simply the correct way:

- your slot on the server is immediately free if you exit the program correctly (i.e. no crash) - when you use the exit-button or just press Alt-F4.

but in case of a crash (and sto KNOWS when it crashed - you have seen the "crash reporter" dialog??), THIS MODEL here has to take place:

- If you are online and playing and you get kicked for whatever reason, your slot on the server stays active for 3-to-5 minutes. So when you quickly log in again after the crash you are back on the server where you've been right before.

- wow (ups! i said the name) handles it for 5 minutes, so you can even reboot your pc after a real bad crash and still can avoid the queue.

there is NO point, really absolutely NO point when playing and the game crashes that you have to wait an hour or i-don't-know-for-how-long until you can re-join back in again!

imagine you are in a group or playing with friends, doing some quests, whatever - YOU HAVE THE SLOT because very likely YOU ALREADY HAD YOUR TIME IN THE QUEUE before you were allowed to login finally. now your slot may not go away due to a game crash or a re-log to another character.

just my 2 cent.