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02-01-2010, 07:19 AM
It seemed yesterday that at the peak of the queue that I would get randomly kicked, and then have to sit in a queue. Hopefully that was just some instability on the part of the server causing me to lose connection and not something built in to the queue system. Players should not be getting kicked off so another person can log in (unless AFK and the system for that works fine).

It needs to be said again that Cryptic sorely underestimated the Trek Nation, and demand for this game. Additional hardware to support a single game server, or even better, additional game servers, is sorely needed. The writing was on the wall and we pointed it out during closed beta, again several times in open beta, and it's coming to a T in head start. I'm in it for life, no threats of taking my business elsewhere. I simply want what's best for the health of the gaming community and this game, and a minimum of three regional game servers is needed in my opinion, to handle the demand.