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02-01-2010, 07:30 AM
Originally Posted by CaptainCoyote
Klingons shouldn't get liberated borg.

Well...I mean, they should, but they shouldn't use them. They should shoot them. In the face.


Because Klingons wouldn't see a "liberated" Klingon as a FULL Klingon. They would see him or her as crippled, disgraced, or "less" than Klingon. And let's face it, these guys don't exactly have handicapped parking spaces at the local Klingon Wal-Mart. You stub your friggin' TOE and get a limp, and they're pretty much ready to write you off.

So a liberated Klingon? They'd pity them, and be disgusted by them, and then give them a disruptor beam right in the pie hole.

Can a brother gedda KWA'PATH?
I think someone having implants isn't that big a deal now, given that a ton of Klingons worship a 1/4 Klingon chick--in Starfleet, no less--as their savior.