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02-01-2010, 07:32 AM
Originally Posted by bigduckie
LOCUTUS have you gone mad? Something better than the borg?

in all honesty though perhaps you are right

i mean if we were still in the collective our reactive personal shields would still work and we would be pwn now were borg nubs in space whop cant assimilate or adapt

We are the borg
Please dont resist
Resistance hurts my crew
I may have become infected by that borg anti virus EKK!! lol.

I was reading in some of the game threads about statistics and traits ect that you recieved and it seemed the trills were more game valued then what borg cpts recieved. I do say this though...a renegade borg would be more fearsome then some trill, but thats just my two cents into the pot

But on that note iam off to bed...7:30am gonna sleep till 3pm lol not really need to get some stuff done today...sigh...gonna be some grumpy tonight, hope the gf isnt up for nookie lol WAIt what am i saying *smacks self* lol night gang *waves*