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02-01-2010, 07:32 AM
Originally Posted by Fatality1963 View Post
1) Can't move at the same time as I shoot. Must stand still while shooting.
Depends on the weapon. Some make you stop to shoot, some you can run with. Phasers seem to let you run and gun.

2) Can't strafe at all. You can double tap a key to make him dive side ways but not strafe.
Run left while using mouselook to keep looking forward and you'll strafe-run.

3) Don't like pressing number keys to shoot. I would prefer to use my mouse buttons to shoot.
Remap your 'shoot' buttons to buttons on your mouse, I guess? This is an RPG, not a shooter. You have more than one "shoot" button, so I hope you have a mouse with a lot of buttons.

Personally, I enjoy the ground combat a great deal.