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02-01-2010, 08:31 AM
Originally Posted by Sepulch View Post
Currently I have all slots filled with Disrupter Beam Arrays and it seems like a good idea.
I do not have that great final blast as you would get with a torpedo, but my three MK II beam arrays burn through all I put them on. Anyone else doing this ?

I'm doubting between this or the two beam arrays in front and torpedo in the back.
The problem with the torpedo in the back is that will rely on a technique of blasting crap out of the enemy shields, hutling past, launching a torpedo... to hit their unaffected shields at the back / side of the ship. Which is a little naff..

One torpedo launcher at the front, and a turret at the back means every weapon can fire at forward foes 9within the large arc), and if you use beams, have a massive firing arc.

The turret can then carry on the damage constantly as you are turning around.

I personally dont bother with torpedoes at all, yeah they give a great burst of damage, but i prefer the controlled destruction offered by beams / disruptors etc so I can plan my route away from the explosion