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02-01-2010, 07:39 AM
Originally Posted by PotatoOverdose View Post
But all of this is largely irrelevant because there is simple evidence that T1 pvp is horribly unbalanced atm (the ridiculous win/loss ratio klingons have). And anyone saying that "the entire fed faction needs to L2P" is a generalization that shows the foolishness of that poster.
T1 is imbalanced toward klingons, T2 is imbalanced toward Feds, T3 is somewhat balanced, T4 is a dps cluster**** with intermittent hold and super-shield buffs.

Beams cant break shields in T1, klingons get poor support in T2, T3 isnt too bad, T4 shields are either impossible to break or gone in 2 seconds (even from beams most of the time).

While I think the buff to dual heavy cannons during OB was kind of stupid, really the scaling just isnt even between weapon damage and shields for players.
Oh and most of the fed faction does need to "L2P" they just need to realize that alot of people saying it ACTUALLY MEAN IT CONSTRUCTIVELY.

There were escort players who were otherwise fine who didnt know you could alternate dual heavy cannons for stupidly high shield damage.

Other ones trying to ask me for advice on science ships, though I couldnt really do that since a full explanation of science ships would likely take several pages. (I can explain escorts and cruiser setups in a few paragraphs, science consoles and Aux make sci vessels a little different)

So yes, new players need to learn the basics, there are plenty of new klingon players as well and they just get pasted by feds in a balanced team. Complaining here instead of helping other fed players out with abilities they dont understand doesnt solve anything, except for maybe a need to rant.