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02-01-2010, 07:43 AM
I fly an escort, both in open beta and now in headstart / post launch. The escort is a glass cannon, but with skill, you can complete missions solo if necessary.

Your Weapons and Bridge Officers are very important in a ship as unforgiving as a tier 1 Escort. I went with disruptors in front (250 degree arc); a dual cannon (45 degree arc); a Quantum Torpedo; and a Plasma Turret (360 degree arc) in the rear.

Tactical Officer 1: Torpedo Yield
Tactical Officer 2: Beam Weapons
Engineer Officer: Power to Weapons
Science Officer: Tachyon (sp?) beam or Resistance to Damage (12% for 8 seconds).

Your job in a fleet is to move in, fast, and take out the frigates and destroyers in your first pass. As you approach, come out of Full Impulse around 16KM. This wil give you time to recharge your power grids. There is no rush to get there, tell the rest of your fleet to slow down.

Once you get to about 10.3 KM, slow your speed to 60 % impulse. Lock target, and use in this order:

1. Tachyon Beam (Science)
2. Power to Weapons (Engineer)
3. Beam Weapons ability (Tactical)
3. Fire Disruptors and Rear Turret
4. "Targets Shields are Down"!
5. Torpedo Yield (Tactical)
6. Fire Torpedos

There is not a frigate in the game that can take one pass of this, without going BOOM! Even Cruisers -1, 0 or +1 will be near death or dead (with some lucky critical hits).