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02-01-2010, 07:48 AM
Originally Posted by faithborn
the reason they dont drain as much as banks and arrays is because you can only fire one at a time.
Yep, this whine (cannons do to much damage, dont drain power) keeps coming up. But the fact is that only *1* cannon is ever firing at a time (there is a slight overlap in the firing cycles). When you fire a cannon, every other cannon on the ship goes into 1 second cooldown. Dual cannons have a 2 second cooldown so you can only use two on a ship, heavy cannons have a 3 second cooldown so you can stick on 3.

The BO rapid fire I've never reallly gotten a handle on how exactly it works (other than being the "open a can of hurt" skill) with regard to multiple cannons firing.

This is also why escort captains need autofire, we HAVE to issue the fire command every second.