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I have an explored/entered one (1) anomaly when I started in beta, but ever since then I have been getting errors every time and it has kicked me out of the game. I have tried multiple times to contact cryptic through the internet, but they haven't acknowledged me or that there is a problem. This is the only thread I have been able to find talking about this problem. I plan on calling Cryptic when I get home and see if I can talk to a live technician. When and if I talk to someone I will post what the tech informed me to do.

Errors I have received

Fatal Error: Hog File incorrect/unreadable version

Fatal Error: Corrupt file missing name or header_data unique error ID: 6152389.

If you want to contact Cryptic/Star Trek Online Tech support the number is 1-408-404-1714 (8AM to 5PM PST)

The more people that complain/bug them about this problem the more likely it will be taken care. Call and email them as many time as you can.

This is not a widely spread problem that will be taken care of as soon as possible, if they haven't fixed this already it will most likey take a long time to fix it unless everyone complains about it.

Please help, complain