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02-01-2010, 08:01 AM
Originally Posted by xXLocutusXx
dam you chat!!! lol, HEY! HOLD IT RIGHT THERE *glares* you changed you pic!!! *attacks* :p
You have to admit it's a pretty good argument if you want a refund. :p

On a side note... Money Chat had saved up for LT was given to the bf so he could get dreads.
So LT will come at a later date. Not that Chat mind paying monthly she will stay until the game dies no matter what... Or until Chat dies.

Originally Posted by Gilthanaz View Post
Hijacking this thread to tell Chat, that after reading a lot on this forums lately, you're the only person here that gives me the creeps. You scare me. Seriously.
*Kosh voice* Good.

Chat sometimes wonder what kind of scene she would make if she entered the pvp world.
Chat is thinking... Angry mob.