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02-01-2010, 09:05 AM
Quick high-level tips

1) Understand your BO skills. Choose them carefully. Use them properly in combat.
2) Understand energy allocation. Understand how and why it works as it does. Set it properly.
3) Get the enemy to fight on your terms, not his. Maintain your advantage.
4) Always have situational awareness. You must understand your ship's status and your enemy's status at all times. You must be aware of everything else going on around you.
5) Keep focus on the scenario objectives. Do not get bogged down in dogfighting in open space if you're in a cap&hold map.
6) Learn enemy BO abilities and counters to those abilities. (What does it mean when you get green sparklies on you? How do you escape a tractor? How did he just run 10k away in less than 2 seconds? Hey, why can't I use anything on my ship and what is a virus?)