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02-01-2010, 09:11 AM
Originally Posted by MorgothPl View Post
YAY.... old mates from Pirates of Burning Sea are here.

I used to sail with them, till I was playing POTBS... and have to say. You won't find better, more friendly, helpful and organised group in any sector of the galaxy. They are the best... we sunk Frogs, Dons and whatever else there was sailing. They will teach you how to fight properly, they will help you with economy, and will help you all the time, no matter you do PvP or PvE

If they want to take you, sail the universe with them, you can't find any better fleet.

And AoA guys, greetings from Andrea LeSangre And if you'd still take me back, I'd be honoured to fly with you
Great to have you back Andrea/Morgoth!

I love hooking back up with people that I have played with in other games. Always fun to have a solid group of people you know when diving into a new game