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02-01-2010, 08:18 AM
I must be a lore based kind of person, because I don't use disruptors on my federation ships in general or phasers on my Klingon ones for that mattter. For the light cruiser I stick with the default combo of a torp in front and beam front and back. With torpedo overload (which should be up almost constantly) you get a huge alpha burst and I prefer the greater coverage of beam weapons so that I can circle and keep 2 beams on them at all times, occasionally jigging back for 2 torps if I feel the need. The limited cone for disruptors/cannon mean for me they aren't quite as effective as you end up being very forward shield based which means you hit harder at first, but then the turning fight takes a lot longer. Only one of my toons is up to 11 so far, but for the science ship I went to mines for my rear 2nd slot although I'm not quite convinced of their utility other than as a fire and forget. I know for pve for controlling the circle fight Im often able to completely avoid whatever mines that are laid down unless I'm following on their tail for the final kill.