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02-01-2010, 08:22 AM
Originally Posted by CaptainCoyote

But liberated Borgs have been captured in battle - changed - and forced past their will to defy the Klingon code of honor. That alone is grounds for "honorable suicide". No *true* Klingon would allow his or herself to become a slave to the Borg Hive, and those "saved"?

They're detached. Still reacclimating, and are no longer "fully klingon". Which is why you always see eyepatches instead of visors. They are a proud people.

There ARE no Klingon Special Olympics.
Also quoting:
How do things like regeneration, superior vision, eidetic memory and other Borg modifications qualify as a disability? They have been made better, stronger than before.

Liberated Borg Klingons do not need wheelchairs as they no longer even need to sit. Sitting is for the week, non-Borgified Klingons.

You know I kinda agree with both of you guys how about this. The vast majority of Klingon society would share the first view. And there might be splinter sect of radicals that would share the second view. I mean shoot in game there's the main quest thread where a few klingon extremists are out to genetically modify klingons to make the perfect warrior. I'm sure that's not a practice widely accepted but there are obviously some that would twist the warrior code to fit their ends. Liberated borg might fall into the same category.