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02-01-2010, 08:22 AM
Originally Posted by DurMan667 View Post
I don't see how this makes sense to everyone. Every bonus we get EXCEPT the joined Trill is given at game launch. Is it too much to ask for the qualified players to have their characters changed from a Trill to a Joined Trill?

And don't say it is, because odds are a single line of code is all that establishes a character's race.
I still say that being as the Joined Trill was a major screw up by Cryptic Marketing dept. This is the ONLY bonus that really affects the players ability to use Head start. All you other bonus people can apply the bonus to your head start Character on Feb 2 with NO penalty (well..maybe the STO conny class starship..being as almost all will have moved past the T1 ships...but still does not affect your character.).

I say Cryptic give all Joined Trills a one level UP in rank when you make them. This would make up for all the time we COULD have been leveling our Character, but now have to be stuck in Noobsville listening to all the "Where is Sulu" questions again.