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02-01-2010, 08:22 AM
Originally Posted by Rehpic
People should not rely on the site linked in the original post. It appears to be completely wrong. For one thing, our game runs on a cluster of well over 100 server machines, not the few machines indicated on that web page. Also that site is reporting most of the machines down, and all our machines are currently up.
I just bumped into this thread, and all I can say about that link is, ROFLMAO. You got to be kidding me? I work at the Pentagon, and our Exchange mail alone, for just 1500 users, uses a cluster of 20 servers, with redundancy. Let me tell you, we have very IMPORTANT users; enough said. Rehpic is being conservative, for sure. Very conservative. Also, this does not count, Switches, routers, load balancers, etc, etc, etc...

That link is so bogus it borders on criminally fraudulent. LOL

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