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02-01-2010, 09:32 AM
Originally Posted by DanaDark View Post
Hey Gumby,

First off, you have to get a Fed character to level 6 in order to make a Klingon. This will get you through the tutorial and teach you how to play and get you going on some content so when you play a Klingon, you'll know what you are doing.

Starting a Klingon, you'll start off at a higher level and your ship will have better gear.

PvP is very fun, and doesn't take long. In fact, for Klingons, it is the main focus for leveling. Feds can focus on it too if they so wish.

Edit: Yes, you can pvp on ground too.
And to add to quoted poster, Klingons, at the moment are slightly stronger in PvP at Tier 1, because their starting gear is better then what the average Federation player will have, but it does even out in Tier 2. Yes, there is ground combat PvP, but IMO, it just isn't as fun as space FvK PvP when you have to semi good groups using strategy going at each other.